What is the Difference between Single Family and Multifamily Investing?

investingThere are a lot of people who ask which is better – Single Family investing or Multifamily Investing? While keeping in mind the importance of this difference, today I decided to write the main differences between these two terms and which one is suitable for you. So sit back and give this read a couple of minutes.

What is Single Family and Multifamily Investing?

As the name suggests, Single Family investing is a single unit property in which only one family is living. On the other hand, multifamily investing refers to the property in which more than one families are living. So a multifamily investing can be any property with two or more basement units.

Differences between Single and Multifamily Investing


Single Family Investing

  • Affordability

This is one of the greatest advantages of Single Family Investing. As compared to multifamily investing, the investors need to invest a little money. The total cost of a house comprised of many other factors like insurance and utility expenses. Insurance rates are much lower for single family investing as insurance covers only the single unit of the house.

  • Better Tenants

Tenants who rent their single house tend to do more care of their houses. The turnovers of single family houses are much lower. One major factor in this regard is that single family houses are much easier to manage.

  • Better Exit Strategies

It is much easier for real estate investors to sell single family houses and that give them more options for making better exit strategies.

Multifamily Investing:

  • High Revenues

This is one of the best things for investors in multifamily investing. When an investor rents a multifamily house, he/she gets rent from every single unit of the house which makes the revenue much higher.

  • Controlling the unit value

When an investor rents a multifamily house, it is up to him/her to set the value of each unit. By keeping every unit updated, real estate investor can earn way more than single family house.


The main idea behind this guide is that both single family and multifamily investing can be very gainful for real estate investors. It is up to the investor which type of family investing he/she prefers. Investing more is risky but can get you more profit and similarly less investing is less risky but yields a low profit. I hope that after reading this guide, you will be able to learn the major difference between single family and multifamily investing.

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